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What If Climate Change Was An Approaching Comet?

February 08, 2022
Public Health Insight
What If Climate Change Was An Approaching Comet?
Show Notes

What happens when scientists try to advise policymakers and decision-makers about a significant threat to public health and they fail to act? What if you then found out that not only did these decision-makers fail to act, but instead chose to exploit the situation for economic gain? 

While this sounds like an all too familiar present-day scenario, this story is captured in the fictional Netflix film titled, “Don’t Look Up”, where two astronomers identify a catastrophic comet heading towards earth and the fate of humanity is left in the hands of politicians and some of the world’s richest people. 

In this episode of the Public Health Insight Podcast, we explore some key questions:

  • Do scientists and public health professionals need communication or media training as part of their education?
  • How important is the credibility of the messenger in science communication for the general public?
  • Should astronomers, physicists, and other disciplines have a more prominent role in public health?
  • Will the fate of the planet be determined by corporate/political greed or a failure of science?

Spoiler Alert: This episode contains spoilers and will almost certainly ruin the movie for you, so come back to this after you’ve had a chance to watch it. If you’ve heard of the movie and haven’t yet been convinced to watch, keep listening. It will be worth your while. For those who’ve already watched it, enjoy the ride.

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